• Bristoe Campaign
    October of 1863
    After the Gettysburg Campaign by General Lee he retreated to Virginia across the Potomac River. Meade had been weakened because he sent a few Corps to Tennessee to help in the battle of Chickamauga. Meade found this and took advantage by advancing his army to the Rapahannock River by September. Then Meades army was weakened because he sent a couple of Corps to Tennessee to help in the Battle of Chickamauga. Lee learned of the Union forced being weakened so he went around Ceader Mountain to attack Meade. Even though Meade had a better number of men he didn't want to fight in an area where he did not have an advantage so he retreated to the Orange and Alexandria Railroad.
    Battle of Auburn and Second Battle of Auburn (October 13-14)
    On October 13, Stuart a Confederate General, skirmished with the back of the Union III Corps near Auburn. Finding himself cut off by retreating Union columns, Stuart secreted his troopers in a wooded ravine until the Union moved on.

    As the Union army withdrew towards Manassas Junction, Union brigades fought a rearguard action against Confederate Major General J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry and infantry near Auburn, Virginia. Stuart’s cavalry boldly faked following Warren’s infantry and escaped disaster. The II Corps pushed on to Catlett Station on the Orange & Alexandria Railroad.

     About 78 Union casualties and 85 Confederate casualties. 
    Battle of Bristoe Station (October 14)
    On October 14, 1863, A.P. Hill and his men found a group of retreating Union army Corps at Bristoe Station. He attacked without telling Lee about it or scouting to find their weaknesses. Union soldiers stationed behind the Orange and Alexandria Railroad embankment, they crushed two brigades and captured a battery of artillery. Even though Hill reinforced his men he could barely move forward against the Union. After this victory the Union continued to Centreville unopposed. Lee's Bristoe offence was quickly stopped by this, and after minor skirmishing near Manassas and Centreville, the Confederates retreated back to Rapahannock River. They destroyed the Orange and Alexandria River as they went on their way back. Lee was very angry with Hill after this loss.
    About Union 50 killed, 335, wounded, and 161 missing. Confederate 136 killed, 847 wounded, 445 missing.
    Battle of Buckland Mills (October 19)
     After the Battle of Bristoe Station, a group of cavalry lead by Kilpatrick followed Stuart and his men. They lead him into an ambush near Chestnut Hill. The Union Army was scattered in different directions and ran five miles back to the railroad. This event was latter dubbed the Buckland Races. 
    About 230 Union casualties. 
    Battle of Rapahannock Station (November 7)
     General Meade from the Union army decided to attack the Confederates at the Rapahannock River. The Union split up into two and attacked in two places in order to cross the river. A dusk attack over ran the Confederates at Rapahannock Station and the Union also captured Kelly's Ford. At Rapahannock Station 1,600 prisoners were taken, and even though fighting was less sever in Kelly's Ford they suffered 430 casualties and Confederates retreated before capture. Winter was coming soon so Lee retreated even more back to Orange County. After this battle The Union now controlled Brandy Station and Culpeper. 
    About 419 Union casualties, and about 1,674 Confederate casualties.
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