• Battle of Culpeper Court House
    Culpeper Virginia
    September 13, 1863 
    After their retreat to Harper's Ferry they went to Boonsboro and was recruited to the Amy of the Potomac. They scouted most of Virginia, which is what cavalry mainly does they is they scout. They were involved in many skirmishes like Hazel River and Oak Shade. 
    The Union wanted the Culpeper Court House because it was the seat in Culpeper County and the Confederate's headquarters in that county. Also it was important to starting the Bristoe Campaign. 
    Early on the morning of September 13, 1863 Major General Alfred Pleasonton forded the Hazel River and drove off scattered Confederate pickets and skirmishers. By mid afternoon Pleasonton had come up on Culpeper's main line of defence. There was a mounted charge by the Michigan Brigade. They captured over 100 prisoners and 3 artillery units. They Pleasonto's army went after the court house in an organized three column attack. The rebels retreated to the other side of the Rapidan River and established a new defensive line there that was stronger and a new base camp. The Federals decied not to attack them further.
    Culpeper was then given to Major General Gouverneur K. Warren, a 2nd corps comander of the Amy of the Potomac.  The Culpeper Court House was important because it would open up the Culpeper region so the Bristoe Campaign could begin.
    About Confederate 100 prisoners were taken. 
     Culpeper  Cavalry charge at Culpeper
    Map of Culpeper                                                                             Drawing of the charge at Culpeper