• April 2, 1865 
    One Arpril 2nd the 138th would take part in the final push to take the city of Petersberg. The assault began at 4 a.m. after a contemporary barage by artillery. The unit did not even recieve any major resistance as it overran the Confederate works. After breaking through the lines the unit continued to advance. Other parts of the attacking force spread out in the confusing predawn darkness. Realizing that they had gone too far into the Confederate rear the 138th halted. However, two men from F Company did not hear the order and continued forward. These two men were Corporal John W. Mauk and Private Daniel Wolford. Soon them men encountered two mounted Confederates waving pistols and telling the men to surrender. Instead of surrendering the two men fired and brought one of the rebels down to earth while the other rode away. This incindent was perhaps the most famous in the units history. The man that Corporal Mauk had killed was no other than Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill,commander of the Army of Northern Virginia's 3rd Corps. The 138th would then advance to their last battle, Sailor's Creek.
    Map of the breakthrough at Petersburg
     Site of the Petersburg Breakthrough Photo, Click for full size
    Site of the breakthrough today 
    Confederate General A.P. Hill
    Marker where A.P. Hill fell