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    Timeline of the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry service
    December 1861: Begin of the organization of the 13th PA Cavalry
    April 1862: Organization is complete and they are moved to Baltimore, Maryland to defend 
    September 1862: Move to Point of Rocks in Maryland
     February 1863: Moved to Winchester to join General Robert Milroy's defence
    April-May 1863: Scouted the Shenandoah Valley
       April 22 1863: Fishers hill where Michael Dougherty and others were captured
    June 12 1863: Middlestown and Newtown
    June 15 1863: Retreat to Harper's Ferry and did duty there
    June 30 1863: Left Harper's Ferry and moved to Fredricks Maryland
    July 8 1863: Joined the Cavalry Corps in the Army of the Potomac in Boonsboro Maryland
    July-September 1863: Scouted Virginia
    September 2-4 1863: Skirmish at Oak Shade and Hazel River Virginia
    September 13 1863: Battle of Culpeper Court House
    October 9-November 9 1863: Bristoe Campaign
       October 13-14: Auburn
       October 14: Bristoe Station
       October 19: Buckland Mills
       November 7-8: Went to Rappahannock
    November 26-December 2 1863: Mine Run Campaign   November 27: New  Hope Church
       November 28-30: Mine Run
    December 28-31 1863: Scout from Vienna to White Plains 

    February 14, 1864: Brentsville 

    February 28: Near Sprigg's Ford
    March 6: Near Greenwich
    March 8: Scout to Brentsville

    March 9: Scout to Greenwich

    March 9: Near Greenwich

    March 11: Scout to Greenwich 

    March 16: Bristoe Station
    March 28-29: Scout to Aldie and Middleburg .

    April 9: Bristoe Station .

    April 13: Near Nokesville .

    April 15: Near Milford
    April 24: Near Middletown
    May-June: Rapidan Campaign
       May 5-7: Battles of the Wilderness
       May 8-21: Spotsylvania
       May 23-26: North Anna River
       May 28: Haw's Shop
       May 30: Old Church
       May 31-June 1: Cold Harbor
       June 2: Sumners Upper Brigade
       June 2-7: Near Cold Harbor
       June 7-24: Sheridan Trevillian Raid
       June 11-12: Trevillian Station
       June 21: White House and St Peters Church
       June 21: Black Creek or Tunstall Station
       June 24: St. Mary's Church
       June 30: Charles City Crossroad
    July 1: Proctor's Hill
    July 12: Warwick Swamp
    July 27-29 James River at Deep Bottom
    July 28: Malvern Hill
    July 30: Warwick Swamp
    August 13-20: James River at Deep Bottom
    August 14: Gravel Hill
    August 14-15: White Oak Swamp
    August 16: Charles City Cross Road
    August 16-18: Strawberry Plains
    August 23: Dinwiddle Road near Ream's Station
    August 25: Ream's Station
    September 16: Coggin's Point and Fort Powhatah
    September 29- October 2: Poplar Grove Church
    September 29: Wyatts Farm
    September 30-October 1: Arthur's Swamp
    October 11-12: Stony Creek
    October 27-28: Boydton Plank Road
    November 7-28: Reconnoissances toward Stony Creek
    December 1: Stony Creek Station
    December 8-9: Hatchers Run
    Decmber 8-10: Reconnoissances to Hatchers Run
    (NOTE* Reconnoissances means a search made for useful military information in the field, especaily by ground examination)

    February 5-7: Dabney's Mills, Hatcher's Run.

    February 5: Rowanty Creek.

    February 17 arriving there March 6: Ordered to Wilmington, N. C.

    March 6-21: Advance on Goldsboro.

    March 21: Occupation of Goldsboro.

    April 10-13: Advance on Raleigh.

    April 12: Near Raleigh.

    April 13: Occupation of Raleigh.

    April 26: Surrender of Johnston and his army at Bennett's House.

    April 27-July 13: Duty at Fayetteville and in Dept. of North Carolina

    July 14: Mustered out, and

    July 27: Discharged at Philadelphia, Pa.