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    Driving School District-Owned Vehicles
      If you are an employee of the Bellefonte Area School District or a board-approved volunteer and are interested in driving a van for school-related functions, a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)      Form must be submitted along with a copy of your current PA driver's license. 
    This information will be processed via the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  When your information has been processed as an approved driver in our district, a copy of your MVR will be sent to you along with information pertaining to policies and guidelines set forth by the Bellefonte Area School District while driving a school vehicle.
    The Motor Vehicle Record Check Process:
    1. Employees and Board approved volunteers who wish to operate a district-owned van must apply by completing a Motor Vehicle Record Release Form.  This will allow the Office of Transportation the opportunity to check the applicant's Motor Vehicle Record, as required of the District's Insurance agent.
    2. Upon receipt of the MVR record release form and the copy of the current PA driver's license, the Office of Transportation will access the Motor Vehicle Record through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation at no cost to the requesting individual.
    3. The Motor Vehicle Record, as well as a copy of the copy of the current license, must remain on file in the Office of Transporation for State auditing purposes.   The information will remain confidential at all times.
    4.Motor Vehicle Records must be checked on a yearly basis.  If the requesting individual would like to be removed from the listing of approved drivers, you must contact the Office of Transportation.
    Curve Road
    Click here to access the Motor Vehicle Record Release (MVR)
    Please note that a copy of the front of your driver's license is also required with submission of this form.
    Return the form to the Transportation office
    You may send through Interoffice Mail
    or Email  kmoore@basd.net