• Major Battles fought by The First Vermont Cavalry
    The Battle of Gettysburg:
    • Lieutenant Colonel Addison W. Preston commmanded the First Vermont Cavalry during the Battle of Gettysburg
    •  It brought 687 men to the field

    •  losing 13 killed

    • 25 wounded

    • 27 missing


    Below is the inscription on the monument on Confederate Avenue:

    At 5 p.m. July 3 the 2nd Battalion 1st Vermont Cavalry led by Major William Wells, General Farnsworth commanding the brigade riding by his side crossed Plum Run near this point charging over stone walls amid rocks and through woods till they encountered five regiments of Law'sConfederate Brigade near the spot where the regimental monument stands.

    The 1st Battalion and part of the 3rd Lt. Col. A.W. Preston commanding were ordered to the lane and struck Law's Brigade in the flank. The onset was terrific sabres and bayonets revolvers and muskets being freely used after a struggle the hill was carried by the 1st Vermont and the prisoners captured sent to the rear.

    The three battalions united soon came under the fire of the 4th Alabama Infantry and presently of the 9th Georgia Infantry. Finding no exit to the south they turned to the east and charged the 15th Alabama Infantry which answered a summons to surrender by a destructive musketry fire. Those unhurt escaping mostly to the south.

    This memorial signalizes the valor of the officers and the men of the First Vermont Cavalry who here paid to the nation the uttermost tribute of devotion.
    This Memorial still stands today on the grounds of Gettysburg to give thanks to the First Vermont Cavalry who bravely fought and died there. The memorial is topped with General William Wells who recieved the Metal of Honor for his bravery during the Battle of Gettysburg.
    The Battle of Second Bull Run:
    The battle lasted from August 28-30, 1862. It was located in Manasas Virginia.
    • Union: Major General John Pope
    •  Confederate: General Robert E. Lee, Major General Thomas J. Jackson, and Lieutenant General James Longstreet
    •  22,180 casualties (13,830 were Union soldiers)

    * The Frist Vermont Cavalry participated in this battle, however, they spied so they were not fighting in the actual battle itself.


    Summary of Second Bull Run:
        Jackson ordered an attack on a Federal column that was passing across his front on the Warrenton Turnpike on August 28. Fighting on this day lasted for several hours. Later, on August 29, Pope launched a series of attacks which gave each side multiple casualties. Longstreet then joined Jackson and Pope later retreated to Centreville, being outnumbered.
    Ashby's Gap:
       This piece of land was used by the Confederates to halt Union movement while Robert E. Lee's army passed through to the battle of Gettysburg. J. E. B. Stuart's cavalry kept the Union Cavalry back while Robert E. Lee could make this pass before Joseph Hooker was able to arrive. The First Vermont Cavalry helped at this spot by spying on the enemy and relaying the information back to the Union army.