• The End
    On April 6th the regiment would see its last battle at Sailor's Creek. Large portions of Lee's army would be surrounded and captured. Three days later on April 9th Lee would surrender at Appomattox and the Civil War would be over. Osceola Lewis a member of the 138th remembered the scene when news of the surrendered was heard."Camps were alive with indescribable excitement: men crazed with enthusiasm, though scarcely realizing the true aspect of the situation, shouted and leaped for joy, embraced and greeted each other, tossed up hats, and sent to the heavens such cheers as never before ascended from human throats." However, the war would not be over for the 138th PA Vol. Infantry. The regiment would march 110 miles to Danville,Virginia to reinforce William Sherman's army. Upon arrival it was found that the opposing Confederates had already surrendered. The unit was then transfered to Washington D.C. where it would set up camp for the last time. On June 23rd the regiment was officially mustered out. The next day they would parade and visit other nearby camps saying farewells. The following day the men boarded a train to Harrisburg where they would recieve their final pay and were officially discharged on the 27th.   

    Losses for Entire Conflict:

    6 Officers and 90 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded 
    1 Officer and 70 Enlisted men by killed by disease.
    Total 167