• October 19, 1864
    Cedar Creek
    The battle of Cedar Creek was part of Sheridan's Shenendoah Campaign. On October 19th the Confederates attacked the the Union troops at their camp near the creek, while they slept. The 138th was one of those units who were attacked. They quickly woke and formed their battle lines. The Union was completely surprised and flanked by Jubel Early. The Union Army was pushed back several miles, however, that afternoon with the arrival of General Sheridan the 138th took part in a massive counterattack that pushed the Confederates back. In total the 138th would take 42 casualties. The regiment would see very little action before winter and will be moved to Philidelphia on November 2nd. The unit would return to the Valley on the 11th of that month and will remain semi-inactive throughout the winter.
    Cedar Creek Battle Map
    Cedar Creek Battlefield