• What is a Cavalry?
       A cavalry can be defined as a military group who is mounted on horseback. Horses we breeded and raised in the military for the fighting purposes mainly in past wars. In modern wars the cavalry stands for a moblie force and serves as almost the same purpose as previous cavalries.
     Where did the word cavalry derive from?
       The word cavalry came from the Latin word for horse, caballus.  It later became used in France with the word, cavaliere, then evolved into cavalry once English adopted it.
    Types of Cavalry 
       Light cavalry is a cavalry that focused on mobility and speed by carrying light armor. A heavy cavalry rode with heavy armor used for effictiveness in a battle. There is also a archer cavalry who rode with bows and arrows.

    Why was the Cavalry so Important?
       A cavalry was used to send messages and spy on enemy grounds. By using the cavalry, it was a much easier way to send a message from camp to camp. It was also an easy way to achieve new information by spying on the enemy. The cavalry not only provided key information about the enemy's locations, but also fought in battles themselves.