• Battle of Mine Run
    Battle of Mine Run
    November 27-December 2, 1863
    Union: 1,272
    Confederacy: 680
    Solider count:
    Union: 69,643
    Confederacy: 44,426
    George Meade
    Robert E. Lee
    Battle overview:
    This battle was the kick-off battle for the Mine Run campaign and also the most intense of the campaign. Meade was hoping to make a stealthy march through the wilderness to hit the confederate right flank. At the same time Jubal Early marched his troops east to confront William French III's troops near Payne's farm. After dark Lee withdrew all his men into defensive positions. The following dary Meade lead his troops into the confederate line. Heavy skirmishes raged for a few hours, but no major battle arose. At the end of the day Meade decided the confederate line was too strong so he withdrew leaving the encounter as a draw.