• July 23,1863
    Wapping Heights

    The Battle of Wapping Heights wasn't so much of a battle than a small skirmish. It was a direct result of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia retreating from Gettysburg, the hometown of the 138th's B and G Companies. The Union army will give chase, following Lee into Virginia. Both Union and Confederate armies were in the vicinity of Manassas Gap Virginia when the skirmish began. The battle begins with a small engagement with Union cavalry near the Heights.  The ridges of the gap will be occupied by the Union, including the ridge named Wapping Heights.  The 138th will be fired upon but will not engage during the skirmish or take any casualties. This action is the regiment’s first taste of combat. 21 Federal troops will be killed during the skirmish along with 84 wounded.


     Battle map of Wapping Heights