• 13th Pennsylvania Calvary
    a.k.a Irish Dragoons
    A cavalry unit is a military unit that most scouted and fought in skirmishes. They will scout an area to either see if its safe for the army to pass or to find out where the enemy is stationed. Since they were a cavalry unit they most scouted and didn't fight in as many battles as an artillary unit would have fought in.
    In the beginning James A. Gallagher recivied a message from the Secratary of War. The letter told him to gather a calvary unit called the 13th Pennsylvania Calvary. The unit was attachted to the Irish Brigade. It was made of mostly Irish Soliders. Soliders were recruited in the cities of Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Lycoming County, Pike County, and in Wayne County. After twelve companies were recruited (companies A through L) they were ordered to patrol and gaurd Baltimore. The regiment was ordered to the Point of Rocks on the 24th of September. Illegal trade between the North and South were going on and spies and informers were going over the Potomic. Three companies went over to guard the Potomic, between Berlin and Edward's Ferry, and the other companies scouted London and Jefferson Counties.
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