• Battle of Gettysburg, Little Round Top & Devil's Den

    Battle of Gettysburg
    July 1-3, 1863
    Union: 23,049
    Confederacy: 28,063
    Solider Count:
    Union: 93,921
    Confederacy: 71,699
    George Meade
    Robert E. Lee
    Battle overview:
    This battle was the 2nd major assult on the north by the Army of Northern Virginia. George Meade knew of Lee's intentions so he moved his forces between Lee and Washington D.C. General John Buford used his forces to slow the confederate army long enough for Meade's infantry to get into position and ready to go. They fought a great battle, but were forced back to Gettysburg with Meade. The second day was when Lee made his move. He attacked the union right and left. The confederacy pushed hard, but the union held their ground and kept the land. The third day of fighitng brought the end of the battle. The main assult of this day was on the union main line. Lee was forced to retreat back to Virginia.