• Battle of Chacellorsville
    Battle of Chancellorsville
    April 30-May 6, 1863
    Union: 14,000
    Confederacy: 10,000
    Solider count:
    Union: 97,382
    Confederacy: 57,352
    Joesph Hooker
    Robert E. Lee
    Battle overview:
    This battle was brought upon by Lee's defensive positions. This did not last though. Lee was putting pressure on Hooker forcing him into a defensive position. Hear that the union left was weak, Lee and Stonewall planned on hitting it and hitting it hard. On May 2nd, Stonewall Jackson hit the weak left flank and destroyed the corps stationed there. The union was able to counterattack and defend positions well enough to hold the confederacy into the night. On a night reconnaissance, Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded by one of his own men. The confederacy won the fighting, but lost a very powerful general for the Army of Northern Virgina.