• Battle of Fredricksburg

     Battle of Fredricksburg
    December 11-15, 1862
    Union: 13,353
    Confederacy: 4,576
    Solider count:
    Union: 100,007
    Confederacy: 72,497
    Ambrose Burnside
    Robert E. Lee

    Battle overview:
    This battle was fought in the streets of the city of Fredricksburg. Burnside had hoped to use 60,000 men to hit Lee southern flank while the confederate first corps off. The union's main assult of Stonewall Jackson showed initial success, but with lack of reinforcements let Stonewall come back and win the skirmish. This skirmish left both sides with roughly 9,000 less men than they came with. Another skirmish came with very similar results. The battle was very bloody and Edward Alexander was quoted saying "a chicken could not live on that field." which descirbed the bloody battle that took place this day. The battle resulted in a confederate victory.