• Map of Bull Run
    Battle of Bull Run
    July 21, 1862
    Union: 2,950
    Confederacy: 1,750
    Solider Count
    Union: 28,450
    Confederacy: 32,230
    Irvin McDowell
    Joesph E. Johnston & P.G.T Beauregard
    Battle overview
    This battle was the first major battle of the war. Lincoln, fallen victim of public opinion, was urged to push McDowell into the confederacy stronghold at Bull Run, just north of Manassas. Lincoln hoped to push through the confederacy straight to Richmond and end the war. Both sides suffered setbacks, the south being a lack of communication, the north's problem was an overcomplication of their plans. The north shelled the south for a day and pushed them back. The south held their ground against the onslaught and put their foot in the door in this war.
    *Stonewall got his nickname at this battle*