• Battle of Cedar mountain
    Cedar Mountain
    August 9, 1862

    Union: 1,400
    Confederacy: 1,307
    Solider count
    Union: 8,030
    Confederacy: 16,868
    Nathaniel Banks
    "Stonewall" Jackson
    Battle overview:
    The battle started with a threat by General John Pope. He vowed to bring the war to the south's turf. This did not sit well with Robert E. Lee. He sent Stonewall Jackson with his 14,000 men to Gordonsville. Jackson later gained support from A.P. Hill and his men. Pope then began his offensive. Nathaniel Banks was assigned a mission from Pope that ran him, head first, into Stonewall's forces at Cedar Mountain. This was a confederate victory, but at the loss of General William Winder.