• Cross Keys, VA
    Battle of Cross Keys, Va
    June 8, 1862
    114 killed
    443 wounded
    127 missing or captured
    41 killed
    232 wounded
    15 missing or captured
    Soldier count
    Union: 11,500
    Confederacy: 5,800
    John C. Fremont
    Richard S. Ewell
     Battle overview:
    Stonewall Jackson was being pursued by John Fremont and James Shields across the Shanandoah valley. The valley was seperated by many natural landmarks that the Union separated their forces between. James Shields moved into the smaller valley just east of Massanutten. John Fremont followed General Jackson west of the mountain. A young general by the name of Isaac Ridgeway Trimble took his troop to a "strategic" point, only to be gunned down by Julius Stahel's brigade. Fremont's forces were overwhelmed by Ewell's which gave Stonewall Jackson the chance to destroy Shields' forces.