• Siege of Petersburg
    Date: June 1864 - April 1865
    Location: Petersburg, Virginia
    Union Leaders: Meade, Grant                    Confederate Leaders: Beauregard, Lee
    Union Forces: 200,000                               Confederate Forces: 50,000
    Union Losses: 8,150                                  Confederate Losses: 3,236
        Note: Forces varied throughout the siege                               
    For an in depth animation of the campaign click here The Siege of Petersburg
                                 Victor: Union 
     Battle Summary:    
       As part of the Richmond Campaign, Petersburg was the last line of defense before Richmond. If Petersburg fell, so would Richmond. After breaking through the first line of defense at Petersburg, the Union attack was pushed back. After this, Grant decided to surround the city and lay siege. He made a semi-circle shaped line around the city and cut off the railroads.Lee desperately tried to attack weak points in the Union line, but ultimately had to fall back and abandon the city.