•  Battle of Drewry's Bluff
    Date: May 15, 1862
    Location: Chesterfield County, Virginia  
    Union Leader: Rodgers                                               
       Confederate Leader: Farrand, Drewry
    Union Force: 3 ironclads, 2 gunboats                        
       Confederate Force: 7 artillery pieces in fort                  
    Union Losses:3 boats damaged 24 casualties          
       Confederate Losses: 15 casualties, fort damaged 
               Victor Confederates
                  This battle was part of the Peninsula Campaign.
     Battle Summary:
       As part of the Peninsula Campaign, five Union ships went up the James river to test the Confederate defenses at Drewry's Bluff. This was the only fortification left that prevented a river invasion of Richmond. In this naval attack, the Galena took the most damage and reported 24 casualties. Also in the attack was the Monitor. However, the Monitor was unable to raise her guns to a high enough angle to hit the Confederate position on the bluff 110ft high. Despite taking fire, the ship was hardly damaged. The Union was forced to retreat because they were unable to deal any significant damage to the fort and were forced to turn back a mere seven miles from Richmond. Although McClellan could land troops only 10 miles from the capital, he never took advantage of it.