• Battery Wagner 
    Date: July 18 - September 7, 1863
    Location: Morris Island, South Carolina (In Charleston Harbor)
    Union Leader: Quincy Gilmore                       Confederate Leader: Gen. Taliaferro
    Union Forces: 6,000                                       Confederate Forces: 1,800
    Union Losses: 1,515                                       Confederate Losses: 174 
                                                    Victor: Confederates 
                                           The 54th Massachusetts storming the fort.
    Battle Summary:
    Fort Wagner was made out of mounded earth, making it hard to bombard. The Union shelled this Confederate fort for seven hours to weaken its defenses. The Union then attacked with 6,000 men led by the all black division, the 54th Massachusetts. The Confederate defenders, unfazed by the shelling, manned their positions and beat back the attack. The 54th Massachusetts had nearly 50% casualties from this battle as the Union was beaten handily. Still wishing to take the island, the Union laid seige to the fort for six weeks. The Confederates decided to retreat and allow the Union to occupy the island. However, this did nothing to aid the Union in taking Charleston and is considered a useless battle.