• Medication Policy Change for September 2011

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Schools are accountable to provide safe, legal and appropriate care for students. This includes the administration of medications necessary during the school day in order for the student to attend school.

    The Pennsylvania Department of Health had recently dispensed, to all schools in Pennsylvania, a document entitled: Guidelines for Pennsylvania Schools for the Administration of Medications and Emergency Care. This document is changing the way medications are being handled by schools and parents.

    What this mean for the parents and guardians:

    1. A parent/guardian or a responsible adult designated by the parent/guardian should deliver all medication to the school.
    2. The medication must be in the original pharmacy labeled container. Medications in plastic bags or containers other than their original pharmacy container will NOT be accepted.
    3. Once the medication is delivered to the health room, the health room personnel receiving the medication, will document the date, time and the amount of medication received.
    4. Signatures of the parent/guardian or designated adult delivering the medication, and the health room personnel receiving the medication, are required.
    5. All discontinued or outdated medications, AND all medication at the end of the school year, must be picked up by the parent/guardian or designated adult. Documentation of this transfer of medication from school to parent will be done at this time.
    6. Any medication that was not picked up by the last day of school will be disposed of in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    The Bellefonte Area School District Nurses