• Email notifications

    Email Header
    Students and primary parents and/or guardians may elect to have updates sent at regular intervals by PowerSchool. You must complete the relevant sections in order to receive email updates. There are four types of updates. You can choose any or all. These student/parent configured settings are never modified by district staff. If your email address is removed from the recipients list, please speak with your student or anyone you may have shared access with about the modification.Email Options

  • Balance alert

  • Detailed report of attendance

  • Detailed reports showing all assignment scores for each class

  • School announcement

  • Summary of current grades and attendance

  • When entering an email address, or multiple addresses, be sure not to enter any spaces in the input line.  If you do not receive the email reports, please verify that you have properly entered your e-mail address. Please note that certain spam filters and ISPs may filter these reports from going to your mailbox. There is nothing that Bellefonte Area School District can do to prevent this from happening.