• Attendance history

    Clicking on the blue number under the attendance column will bring up the attendance details for the class selected. This page displays the overall attendance of the selected student for all classes. A legend will appear at the bottom of the screen explaining all of the different letter codes used for student attendance. If you believe that there are any attendance discrepancies, please contact the teacher or school's attendance office directly.

    Attendance History 

    Attendance information and office phone numbers
    Attendance information
    High school attendance office: (814) 355-4833 - Option 2
    Middle school attendance office: (814) 355-5466

  • Legend

    Attendance Codes

    • Blank: Present
    • UNV: Unverified
    • UTD: Unexcused tardy
    • EXC: Excused
    • PHO: Phoned in unverified
    • MED: Medical
    • ILL: Illegal
    • FDT: Field trip
    • REL: Excused religious
    • EDT: Education trip
    • OSS: Out-of-school suspension
    • ISS: In-school suspension
    • UNX: Unexcused
    • AEP: Alt Ed
    • BRV: Bereavement
    • COU: Court appearance
    • ELA: English language acquisition
    • OBP: Out-of-building placement
  • Grade history

    This button displays the students' grade history. It displays historical grade information from previous quarters and semesters during the year. Please be aware that grades changed after the reportcard is sent will not appear updated on this screen. Clicking on the blue grade percentage will display the "class score detail" list of grades for the class for that term. You will be able to view a list of all completed assignments, quizzes, tests, projects and/or any other points earned that are factored into the grading period.

    Grades History