Marion-Walker Elementary



    The students at Marion-Walker Elementary, will gain an optimal level of Health Education by
    participating, cooperating, and being on task during Health classes and by
    following instructions and examples for activities given by the teacher
    throughout the school year.


    The Marion-Walker Elementary Education program is designed to provide students
    with the basic knowledge and skills to help students live a healthy lifestyle.
    To achieve this goal, the students will learn and actively participate in a
    variety of health-related activities. These activities are aimed to improve
    decision-making skills and help to solve everyday problems that children
    may encounter. The areas of emphasis throughout the school year include
    physical health, social health, mental health, life skills, nutrition, safety,
    growth and development, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Students will gain
    knowledge through a variety of different learning tools such as guest speakers,
    technology, group activities, role-playing, presentations, projects, and active
    communication between the class and teacher. My goal is to provide the students with the
    knowledge and skills to lead a happy and healthy life.


    Students in Health class will be graded on a variety of
    activities. These include class-work, homework, quizzes, tests, projects, group
    work, article reviews, and worksheet completion. An accumulation of points
    throughout the marking period will determine the student's grade.  


    · Students must have a Health notebook

    · Students must be on task and cooperate with the
    instructor and others in the class

    · Students are responsible for any work missed due
    to being absent from class for any reason.

    · Students are expected to actively participate in
    all class discussion and group work activities

    Students will abide by the Golden Rule

    It is expected

         That no one in class will interfere with the learning process of another.

    Inappropriate behavior will be dealt with on an individual basis according to school policy and rules. 



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