• Students may sign up with Mr. Wilson to take their 6 hours of in-car or behind the wheel (BTW) training if they posess a valid & current driver permit or driver license, at a current cost of $30.00 in the form of a check or money order made out to BASD.
    Upon successful completion of the training students will be given a course completion card that may be accepted by insurance and often time provides the insured driver an annual insurance discount.
    Students who successfully complete their 6 hours of in-car and hold their Learner's Permit, may take their Driver's License Road Test with Mr. Wilson at a scheduled time during the school day, after school, or during the Summer months. The test will be given using the District's Driver Education Car, and on the School's Penn DOT approved test route, beginning with Parallel Parking (As of 9/1/17).
     The progression for a new driver would be:  1) Turn 16 2) Take and pass the written Permit Exam @ the DMV 3) Take DrEd Theory @ BAHS 4) Sign up and take BTW/In Car Training with Mr. Wilson 5) Complete the minimum 6 hours of driving 6) Test Eligibility Date (Printed on the left side of the Permit) or 6 months is up 7) Schedule and take the (Road Test) Driver's License Test with Mr. Wilson
    *Remember to bring your Permit & Signed DL180C Form to your test*
    **Also, some student drivers choose to test @ The DMV.  Then, return to us @ BAHS for In Car Driving with their License, to receive the insurance discount** 
    Thank you for your patience and cooperation with this process!  There are numerous students taking their in-car training and only so many hours in the day to do so.
    Mr. Wilson will be in to study halls to sign students up for driving during the day and after school each quarter.  Once approved, he will announce Summer Driving sign ups via the morning announcements or in home rooms 
    We appreciate your continued support and interest in the Bellefonte Area School District Driver Education Program!