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    Orders due: September 20, 2021
    Thank you for your book orders!
    When Parents Order Online – Everyone Gets Rewarded!

    What could be better than a brand-new book? Why, a FREE brand-new book, of course!

    If you haven’t tried Parent Online Ordering, now is the perfect time to start. Every time a parent orders online, they’ll receive a coupon for one FREE Book (worth up to $5) to use on their next online order of $5 or more. Plus, for every parent online order, the classroom will earn a coupon for $3 to Spend on a future order—which can be combined with other $3 to Spend coupons to purchase higher-priced items. That means the more parents order online, the more the classroom gets rewarded!

    Remember, Online Reward Coupons will be delivered in the classroom book box and distributed with the students’ books. Teachers, make sure to pass out the next month’s flyers so parents can choose their FREE Book—and you can both continue to earn rewards!

    Not using Parent Online Ordering? Teachers, just sign in to your online account, find your class activation code, and distribute the code to parents. While you’re logged in, you can change your due date, add a personalized parent message, and recommend books! Every parent online order is automatically added as a pending order to your class cart. When the class due date approaches, sign in to your account to view your cart, add in any paper orders, and submit the total class order to Scholastic. It’s not just easy—it’s rewarding too!

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