• BAMS Physical Education



    Students and Parents/Guardians,

    Below is a description of class expectations and how your child will be graded during physical education class. Please take a minute to read through the physical education overview with him/her.



    Grading Procedures


    Daily Grade

    Every class, students will receive a daily grade based on three factors: Preparation, Participation, and Cooperation.


    Preparation Grade (1 point)

    Each student is expected to change from regular school attire into P.E. attire (athletic wear) or wear that attire to school. Listed below are some suggestions to receive the point. Students who do not change will still be required to participate in class in the attire they are wearing.  *All physical education attire should follow the school dress code policy.


    1.           Gum: None and/or Jewelry: None A new piercing must be
              covered by a Band-Aid or athletic tape.

    2.       Pants: Shorts, sweat pants, pajama pants, leggings, or wind pants (NO JEANS OR JEAN SHORTS)

    3.       Tops: T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, or sweatshirts.    

    4.        Shoes: Athletic shoes that are properly tied for safety. Crocs do not count as sneakers.*If students
                 do not have the appropriate athletic shoes, they will be required to
                 participate in what they DO have as long as the teacher feels it's safe.


    Participation Grade (1 point)

    Each student is expected to participate each day for the entire P.E. class.  It is under the teacher’s discretion as to if a student participates enough for the point. Simply standing in the playing area does not equal a participation point.


    Cooperation Grade (1 point)  

    Each student is expected to cooperate with the teacher and other students each day in class. This means following the directions given by the teacher and displaying positive sportsmanship with classmates.


    Coursework Grade

    Along with the daily grade, students may be assessed with homework, knowledge-based quizzes, and/or skill-based quizzes.


     Absences and Excuses


    Excused Absences: When a student has a school-accepted excuse from a parent/guardian, his/her grade is not affected by the absence. The student is responsible for any information missed.  This is especially important for FID work!


    Medical Excuses: Only students with doctor’s excuses will be granted class credit for injuries. These students may have to complete alternate assignments and will be given class time to do so. The doctor’s excuse should have a date of return.


    *If a student has been or is sick/injured let the teacher know. Changing for class is still expected, but the activities for the day will be modified to meet the needs of the student. 



    Locker Room Rules

    1.Come directly to the locker room from previous class or locker stop.
    2.Signed pass is required if arriving late.
    3.Choose a locker in your designate area to use temporarily during class.
    4.NEVER bring items of value or food into the locker room.
    5.NEVER leave items in the locker room overnight.
    6.While gum may be permitted in other areas of the building, it is not permitted in the gym and should be removed before or as soon as entering the locker room.




    Grades are available on Powerschool. In regards to powerschool, I will do my best to keep grades up-to-date, but please understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise from time to time that will not permit me to do so.


    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at tjohnson@basd.net (Mrs. Johnson) or call 355-5466 extension 5011.







    Bellefonte Area Middle School

    Physical Education Assignment #1


    After you have read this class overview with your child, please sign and return this page. Keep the first page for your records.  This is the first graded assignment for physical education and frequently sets the tone for her success in class.


    Please feel free to provide me with any special health concerns or requests at the bottom of the page.



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