• Team Rules

    1.      Etiquette – School expects it, Golf requires it, and Coach Harman demands it

    2.     Be on Time – On time for Coach Harman means having everything you need and being ready for the activity 5 min before we are supposed to start.

    3.      Be prepared – Dress appropriately, collared shirt and khaki type pants or shorts (no athletic shorts or jeans.)  You should always have a ball mark repair tool, and rules book with you at all times.

    4.      Remember we are Guests – We are guests even at our home course, act accordingly.

    5.      You are a student athlete – Student comes first!  If you need help with academics please see Coach Harman right away, do not let it wait and be too late.

    6.      School Rules – Anytime you are being associated with the golf team, you are a student and all school rules apply.

    7.      Keep it clean – This applies to language, equipment, the course, and the vans.

    8.      All Roster spots will be determined using the following rules:*

            a.      Spots 1-4 will be based upon average round scoring from both qualifying round in practice and competitive rounds.
            b.      Spots 5-6 will be based upon the last qualifying round in practice.
            *This rule is subject to change but any change will be presented in writing.

    9.      No Cell Phones on course (exceptions can be made by talking to coach)



Last Modified on August 9, 2013