• Home/Charter School Weekly Academic Eligibility Report

    Administrative Guidelines & Regulations
    Home-schooled students may elect to participate in the athletic programs or other extracurricular programs of the Bellefonte Area School District according to the following procedures: 

    Home-schooled students electing to participate in athletic programs are required to abide by all guidelines and regulations as determined by the administration and approved by the Board of Education.  Said guidelines and regulations will include, at the mininum, the following requirements for homeschooled students:

    1. Regular academic eligibility determinations are similar to that required of the students within the Bellefonte Area School District.  Parent/guardian will submit weekly and semester progress to the Director of Athletics.  Regular academic eligibility determination required of regular students is equal to that of home-schooled students.  The parent/guardian of the home-schooled student must submit a written progress report at the conclusion of every week, marking period and semester period.  Failure to submit these reports will make the student ineligible since he/she does not meet Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (P.I.A.A.) requirements.
    2. Compliance with the Discipline Policy and other regulations or instructions of administration and professional employees of the Bellefonte Area School Distict.
    3. Transportation to and from the school for home-schooled students will be the responsibility and expense of the home-schooled students.
    4. Compliance with directions and requirements of all teachers, coaches, or administrators involved with the program.
    5. Home-schooled students are subject to the same eligibility and try-out criteria as other students who compete for positions on teams or squads.
    6. Approval for continued participation in athletic programs is received from the athletic director/school principal based on the following documentation submitted weekly to the administrator during the sports season:
        • Full-time home education students participating in interscholastic athletics must comply with current PIAA and Bellefonte Area School District rules regarding eligibility.
        • Written verification of satisfactory completion of the required 20 hours per week in the courses specified in the home schooling law.
    The above mentioned documentation must be submitted to the high school administrator by noon on Friday of each week during the sports season.  Failure to meet the above requirements will result in the athlete being ineligible for a period one (1) week.