Raising Money for the PTA

    - The Benner PTA is excited to announce their new Fundraiser that is hopefully going to cut out any other large fundraisers we have to do during the school year.

    - The Benner Bear Chase is a fundraiser where we are asking local businesses as well as the families at Benner to donate to the PTA. Each child who raises money will have a chance to earn prizes as well as a chance to win the grand prize. 

    - The day of the raise each grade will be running around the school with some awesome fun stops along the way. Then at the end of the day, the whole school with join together and do one last lap around the school and then find out if we reached our goal as well as who the grand prize winners are. 

    -If we reach our school-wide goal Mr. Vancas has volunteered to allow the students of Benner to cover him in Sundie toppings to make him a human Sundie. 

    - We will be needing volunteers for this event as well so please keep an eye out for the signup sheet. (These volunteers will need their clearances) 

    - Who doesn't love to shop on Amazon! If you do please consider signing in to Amazon Smiles. It is linked to your normal Amazon account and gives a certain percentage to Benner for each purchase. 

    - At the moment you can only use Amazon Smile on a web browser now a mobile device. 

    - Amazon Smile

    - We just started the Coca-Cola Gives program last year and we did well. For this one you just need to collect your bottle caps and then enter the code into the website. 

    - Coca-Cola Give

    - Box Tops is still going strong! They are still allowing us to collect the cut-outs but they are leaning more towards the app in which you scan your recipte to collect the points. 

    - Please check out the new way at BTFE.Com

    -The Mr. Stickies fundraiser is one that is a huge success! Each year just before Field Day we send out an order from for the kids to take home and sell the Stickies. Then on the day of Field Day, Mr. Stickies truck comes and you can pick up your stickies or you can buy some on the spot. This is a huge fan of the locals who drive to work in the morning and pick some up on the way to work. 

    - The PTA will need volunteers for this so please keep an eye out for the signup. 

    -Throughout the year the PTA and the surrounding areas restaurants offer special nights where you can go and eat and part of the proceeds go to the Benner PTA. We will be sending out emails, texts and facebook messages to remind you of upcoming events.