• Mrs. Rankin's Kindergarten
    Boy Superhero at School Desk 
    My name is Mrs. Megan Rankin. I will be your child's kindergarten teacher this year. I am eager to meet all of my students. I feel this is going to be a great year!!
    Arrival: When your child comes to school, they should report to the cafeteria where they will remain as a class.
    Absence: When your child misses a day of school, a written excuse is expected when your child returns.
    Transportation: Please send a note to the school if your child will be a walker. If no note is sent, your child will go home on the bus he or she is assigned. If someone other than a parent/guardian will be picking up your child, please send a note or call the school.

    Our school follows a 6-day schedule:

    Special Classes:
    • Day 1- Library
    • Day 2- Music
    • Day 3- Phys. Ed.
    • Day 4- Technology
    • Day 5- Art
    • Day 6- Phys. Ed.
    Cafeteria: Lunch is $2.40 each and includes milk. Students purchase lunches by using money in an account for which they will be given an ID number. Money can be put on a child's account by sending it to school with your child in an envelope with their name on it.
    Lunch Choice- Students who buy their lunch will choose from three menu options. There is a choice for regular lunch( daily), special lunch (weekly choice), and chef salad. If a student is bringing a lunch, please make sure the lunch box is clearly labeled. Milk can be purchased for $.60 (Chocolate, Whole milk, 2%milk, Strawberry, and Vanilla). Students will purchase milk using their ID number and accounts as well.
    To contact me: please email mrankin@basd.net or call me at 359-2739 (ext. 2605)