• Classroom Management

    The classroom will be following the School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention System. The goal of the program and the teacher is to promote and reward positive behaviors. Students will be asked to follow four school-wide rules: Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Here, Be Ready. If a student is observed following one of these rules, they may receive a headline. The headline would then be used to draw for positive rewards. For Mr. Gearhart's class, rewards will be homework passes, extra recess for large groups or class, and special privileges such as reading announcements, collecting and delivering notes, or other classroom tasks student enjoy doing.

    On the side, if students are caught not following the rules, there are consequences. On the first day of school, each student will receive a number. If the student is not following the rules, his or her number will go on the board. If they do not follow the rule or another rule, they will receive an "X" for each additional time.

    The strikes will be successive. If a student violates a classroom rule (strike 1), then violates the same rule or a different rule (strike 2), etc.

    ball Strike 1: Meet with the teacher to discuss the proper behavior. Usually about 5 minutes.

    ball Strike 2: Meet with the teacher, discuss and practice the desired behavior. Teacher will model and the student will demonstrate proper behavior. About 10 minutes.

     ballStrike 3: This meeting with the teacher will result in a loss of recess.

    There will be two instances where students will automatically receive three strikes. Students will receive three strikes for incomplete homework. The homework will be completed during recess, once the homework is complete they may return to recess. Also, misbehaving for a substitute teacher also will result in three strikes.

    More severe behaviors (fighting, bullying, etc.) will be handled accordingly by the teacher and principal.