• What Does Gifted Look Like?



    BRIGHT CHILD                                                       GIFTED LEARNER

    Knows the answer                                                                              Asks the question

    Interested                                                                                         Highly curious

    Attentive                                                                                            Involved

    Has good ideas ideas                                                                          Has wild, silly ideas

    Answers the questions                                                                        Discusses in detail

    Top group                                                                                          Beyond the group

    Shows interest                                                                                   Shows strong opinions

    Learns with ease                                                                                Already knows

    Mastery in 6-8 repetitions                                                                  Mastery in 1-2 repetitions

    Understands ideas                                                                             Constructs abstractions

    Grasps the meaning                                                                            Draws inferences

    Completes assignments                                                                       Initiates projects

    Is receptive                                                                                      Is intense

    Copies accurately                                                                             Creates new designs

    Enjoys school                                                                                    Enjoys learning

    Absorbs information                                                                        Manipulates information

    Is alert                                                                                            Is keenly observant

    Is pleased with own learning                                                            Is highly self critical.

    Enjoys helping others                                                                       Is outraged by injustice

    Follows the rules                                                                             Questions the rules

    Wants to please                                                                               Wants to know


    *Adapted from Janice Szabo