• Gifted Support Syllabus

    Molly Pomeroy-Hoover


    Bellefonte Elementary Schoo- 355-5519 X2109



    The Gifted Program in the Bellefonte Area School District is a specialized program for those students who have scored an IQ of 130 or higher according to the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children or the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale.  Students may also demonstrate high-level thinking skills, academic creativity, exhibit leadership skills, communication skills, foreign language aptitude, technology expertise, perform approximately two grades above grade level on standardized achievement tests; and/or who consistently excel in the regular classroom, based on grades and/or teacher observation. 

     A yearly meeting will be held with the student's parents, teachers, and/or administrators to discuss the students current GIEP, academic progress, and to write new annual goals, and short-term learning outcomes for the following school year.  

     Scheduling Students: 

    The Gifted Program is a pull-out itinerant program and push in support program. Students are excused from their regular classes to attend enrichment classes and are responsible for all work that is missed during that time.  Although enrichment classes do not appear on a student's regular schedule, the program goal is to provide each student with the opportunity to work with other advanced students.

     Course Objectives and/or Focus Areas: 

    1. Students will complete lessons and activities and will create presentations that will enhance, enrich and build upon their regular education curriculum. 
    2. Students will share lessons, research, and activities completed in Enrichment Class that is relevant to their regular education curriculum, to their classmates and teachers. 
    3. Improve academic performance in all areas of the regular curriculum.
    4. Develop critical thinking skills.
    5. Learn creative problem-solving techniques.
    6. Participate in class and panel discussions.
    7. Complete independent and group research projects.
    8. Use technology to complete research questions and/or projects and to create presentations.
    9. Use the computer to present information to classmates, teachers, parents, and administrators.  (PowerPoint, Google Presentations, Animoto, Web Pages, Electronic Portfolio)
    10. Explore special interests.
    11. Career exploration.  



    I have high expectations for my students and the work will be challenging.  I am committed to creating an upbeat and productive classroom environment.  We can have fun and work hard at the same time!   Yes, there will be opportunities to play challenging educational games when our work is completed.  There will also be many opportunities for discussion, exploration, and sharing.   

     Students are expected to come prepared to class.  Bring appropriate materials and/or project ideas and plans to work on during class.

    1. Students are expected to complete at least one extension project per quarter.  Successful completion of the project will include presenting the project to his/her classmates and regular education teacher. 
    2. Students are expected to participate in all classroom activities and lessons
    3. Students are expected to attend scheduled classes unless I am notified of conflict in advance.
    4. Students must complete all classroom work that will be missed while the student is attending enrichment class.



    Referrals may be made by teachers and/or parents. 


    Parent:  Parents who request a screening are asked to write a letter or email to the students guidance counselor, enrichement teacher, principal or classroom teacher who will then contact the school psychologist.  A meeting should be scheduled within ten days of receiving the letter, to discuss the parents request and to conduct a screening.  If further testing is warranted the special education department will be notified and a Permission to Evaluate letter will be sent to the parents/guradians. 


    Teacher:  The teacher will contact the students parents and guidance counselor to discuss relevant information.  The student will then be referred to EST and may be evaluated for gifted support.  If the student is eligible for services I will meet with the school psychologist, classroom teachers, parents, and administrators to write the GIEP.   


    Contact Information: 

    Students, parents, and teachers may contact via email or mhoover@basd.net or by phone at Bellefonte Elementary School - (814) 355-5519. X2166


    Email:  mhoover@basd.net

    Phone:  355-5519