Homework will be given weekly based on classroom activities, objectives, and units.  These assignments are used to reinforce and practice the skills we are tackling in the classroom.  They will be listed on your child's homework sheet in his/her Frog Book.   Please sign the homework sheet every night.  This will help keep the home and school connection strong.  Also, if you ever assist your child with his/her work or he/she is struggling, please mark it on the assignment or contact me with any questions.  I am always here to help!
    Your child is also required to read at least 15-20 minutes each night.
    *Please check to make sure your child has read and place the title of the book on the homework sheet. This gives me a chance to see the type of book your child is reading.
    *During these 15-20 minutes your child may read anything.  You may also have your child read to you half the time, and you read to your child in the time remaining.                              

          Child reading        child reading