• This year, Marion-Walker and all other schools in our district will continue to implement our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS, formally known as SWPBS) for the recognition of students who do the right thing and follow the rules while in school. 

    The rules in our classroom are very simple and are the same as the School-Wide Rules that students are expected to follow at all times throughout the day.  We will be spending time as a class at the beginning of the year discussing these rules and what they mean and what they will look like, as well as how we want our classroom community to operate.  For fifth graders, I feel it is especially important that both students and the teacher are involved in and committed to creating an environment that is safe, welcoming, and conducive to learning for everybody.  Throughout the year, we will revisit these rules as needed in order to ensure that we have a smooth and productive year.  
    Our School-Wide Rules are:
    1. Be Kind.
    2. Be Safe.
    3. Be Respectful.
    4. Be Here, Be Ready.
    I will hold all students responsible for abiding by these rules in all school settings- from the moment they get on the bus and/or arrive at school until the moment they get off the bus and/or arrive at home, they are "in school" and will be expected to follow these rules.  As fifth graders, they are the oldest students in the building and will be role models.  I take this very seriously, and I expect them to, as well. 
    Consequences for not following the rules are:
    First Offense- Verbal warning
    Second Offense- Loss of recess time and student-teacher conference
    Third Offense- Phone call and/or note home. The note will be written by the child, explaining what happened, and how they will work to prevent it from happening again.  It will be signed by me.
    Fourth Offense- Student-Teacher-Parent meeting, and/or contact with the Principal.  
    **Serious behavior offenses may skip directly to this step.
    Rewards for Following School-Wide Rules:
    Students who are "caught" following one of the School-Wide Rules can be recognized by me or any other member of the school staff with a Hive-Five slip, which are turned into the office to be placed in a large container.  Slips are then pulled for special rewards and privileges throughout the school year!
    If at any time you have any questions about the behavior management system for our class or the School-Wide Rules and School-Wide Positive Behavior System, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.