• What does a Speech-Language Pathologist do?

    1.Gives speech-language therapy to students of all ages with articulation errors, expressive and receptive language disorders, central auditory processing disorders, and phonological awareness deficits. 

    2. Tests non-speech students to see if they will qualify to receive services and tests current speech students to see if they will continue to require services.

    3. Writes evaluation reports and Individualized Education Programs (IEP's).


    What happens when a student is going to be tested for speech services?

    1. A "Permission to Evaluate" form must be signed by the parents/guardians of the student.

    2. Once the form is signed, the speech-language pathologist (SLP), has 60 calendar days to test the student.

    3. When testing is completed, the SLP will write an Evaluation Report.  The report will include the test results and whether the student is recommended for speech-language services.

    4. If the student is recommended to receive services, an IEP will be written.

    5. The parents will be invited to attend an IEP meeting along with the SLP, the student's teacher, and the building principal.  The special education director may also attend.