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     Welcome to my website!
     Name: Mrs. Rebecca Roos
     Kindergarten, Marion Walker Elementary
     Phone:  357-2425 ext. 2311

    My goal is to inspire a passion for learning in each and every student in my classroom.

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    Bloomz app

    The Bloomz app is a free app that allows me to share updates, photos, reminders, and additionally allows parents to communicate with one another. 

    1.    Go to bloomz.net and click “Join Bloomz”

    2.   In the text box, enter Q7JG73

    3.   Create your account

    Scholastic Book Clubs HRMKG is our classroom code for online orders


    I am thrilled to have your child in my class!  I am a strong believer in keeping a strong, open line of communication between home and school.  After all, we have something special in common, your child.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

    About Mrs. Roos

    I am a passionate teacher.  My hope is that all of my students believe in themselves and contribute to the classroom community as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and model citizens.

    I am a loving mother to 2 fun girls (Emma is  8 1/2 & Brynn is almost 3).

    I am the proud wife of a full-time Project Manager at Philips Ultrasound and part-time thrill seeker (Aaron‘s passion is whitewater kayaking.).

    I am an avid reader. 

    Classroom Management

    How do I manage my students to ensure active engagement?

    •     Routines and procedures are well taught and practiced

    •     Positive behaviors are reinforced (Marion Walker has a School-wide Positive Behavior Program in place)

    •     Whole Brain Teaching takes place (The premise of Whole Brain Teaching is that a student’s whole brain is involved in learning, so there isn’t any mental area left for wandering minds or challenging behaviors)

    •     Materials throughout the classroom are kept extremely organized

    •     Students are expected to learn at high levels (each student is supported so he or she can learn at high levels)

    •     Purposeful play is used to foster social-emotional skills and a positive growth mindset (students believe they can grow their brains by trying new strategies and seeking input from others when stuck)

    •     Challenging behaviors are always addressed without an audience

    •     Staying hydrated is encouraged (Thermos stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles are highly recommended, but other water bottles,  ones that do not sweat and have a lid that doesn’t need to be removed to drink from, are permitted)

    Take-Home Folder & Homework Policy

    Please check your child’s take-home folder, as known as you child’s B.E.E. (Bring Everything Everyday) book, every night.  Talk with your child about his or her day.  Below are some ideas of questions you can ask other than “How was your day?”

    •     Who did you talk to today?

    •     Who did you help today?  Who helped you?

    •     What was the hardest thing you had to do at school today?

    •     Tell me something that you learned today that I don’t know.

    •     Tell me about something that made you laugh today.


    I will not be sending homework sheets home this year.  Instead of homework, please help your child get some energy out with 20-30 minutes of physical activity each day, reading aloud to your child every night before bed, and exploring topics of interest to your child.  My newsletters will also include optional, fun ideas for helping your child practice skills or explore new topics at home.

    *I am required to send home Math Home Links.  Feel free to use them as you wish. 

    Parent Involvement

    Parent involvement is key in your child’s education.  How can you help?

    •     Provide a learning-friendly home environment

    •     Be positive when discussing school and the teachers

    •     Make reading my newsletters and checking for updates on the Bloomz app a priority

    •     Attend PTO meetings

    •     Consider volunteering

    Volunteer vs. Visitor

    If you have some extra time, I would love for you to volunteer in our classroom.  Jobs include, but are not limited to, helping with centers, helping with class parties, chaperoning our field trip, helping with special events or projects.  I will do my best to match your interests and abilities with the jobs available.  Volunteers must be registered with the District.  For the necessary forms to volunteer, please see www.basd.net (click on Parents and then click on Parent Volunteer Information). 

    There will be opportunities to parents to come to our classroom as visitors.  Visitors do not need clearances and would be here only for a special event such as being a mystery reader or guest speaker or attending a writing celebration.

    Birthday Celebrations

    I love the chance to celebrate birthdays with my students.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated on half birthday, so if you child’s birthday is July 20th, we will celebrate it January 20th.  Students will be given the opportunity to eat lunch with me on their celebration day.   I prefer birthday treats be healthy, such as applesauce pouches or prepackaged apple slices, or better yet a fun treat such as bubbles, play-doh, glow sticks, or a scented marker.  Please check out my Pinterest board for a healthy or non-food birthday treat ideas.  Birthday treats are not required

    I can only pass out birthday party invitations if an invitation is sent to the entire class.  If you are not inviting the entire class, please use the class directory to send invitations out.

    Elements of a Typical Day

    *These are not in any specific order.

    Arrival:  Students arrive in the classroom around 8:10, hang up coat, book bag, etc., sign up for lunch, and then work at their table.

    Whole Group Activities:  These activities will include literacy (Fountas and Pinnell Classroom) and math (Everyday Math) instruction, such as Shared Reading of big books that relate to literature units and science, social students, and health. 

    Writer’s Workshop:  This workshop includes mini-lessons, modeled writing, shared writing, guided writing, and independent writing.

    Guided Reading:  Small group reading to teach children a variety of reading strategies that are needed to become fluent, independent readers. 

    Centers:  Structured literacy activities at one of the classroom stations.  Centers take place during guided reading.

    Recess:  Free choice either out on the playground or in the classroom.

    Science/Social Studies:  Our language arts program is integrated with science and social studies.  We also will study plant and animals, weather, and forces and motion. 

    Specials:  Specials take place on a 6-day cycle rotation.  Specials include Library, Music, Art, Physical Education, Healthy, Technology, and Guidance.

    Chromebooks:  We utilize several apps and websites to support the instruction in the classroom on our Chromebooks.

    Choice Time:  A time for inquiry, exploration, and play.

    Snack:   This is a time to practice our manners and social skills.  You will receive a form with additional information. 

    Intervention/Enrichment (I/E):  A time for targeted instruction based on your child’s needs. 

    Class meetings:  Behavioral and social education time to help students learn to work with and get along with others.  


    Please send a note to the school if your child is to be a walker.  If no note is sent, your child will go home on the bus he/she is assigned.  If someone other than a parent/guardian will be picking up your child, please email (both Mrs. Catalano, jcatalan@basd.net and Mrs. Roos, rroos@basd.net), send a note, or call the school.


    When your child misses a day of school, a written excuse (note or email) is expected when your child returns.  Attendance information can be found on the parents link at www.basd.net.