• Educational Field Trip Requests

    From the Attendance Policy: No. 204
    Educational/Vacation Tours And Trips, Grades K-12
    High School Students, grades 9-12, need to complete the 
    "Educational Trip Attachment Form" in addition to the request form

    In accordance with basic Board policy, it is necessary that family trips for educational purposes be considered within the context of school purpose and the law.

    Upon receipt of a written request from the parents/guardians of the students involved, students may be excused from school attendance to participate in an educational tour or trip in accordance with state regulations. Such travel shall be at the expense of the parent/guardian and shall be subject to direction and supervision by a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian.

    Approval of these trips shall be requested, in writing, on forms provided by the district. Requests must be submitted seven (7) calendar days before the date of departure and should be completed in detail. Forms shall not be accepted after the trip.  If your request is for the upcoming school year the request must be submitted prior to one week from the last day of the current school year, or you may turn the request in during the summer to the office of the school your child will be attending in the fall.   

    Submission of the form does not constitute approval. These requests will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    1. Length of trip number of school days the student will miss.

    2. Only five (5) days per year shall be considered. Trips will not be approved during the PSSA for grades 3-8 and 11 based on the current year testing window, middle school and high school mid-term exam and final exam testing windows.

    In extreme circumstances, the Superintendent may approve educational trips during testing windows or for a period longer than five (5) days. The formal request will indicate the justification for the educational trip and an explanation as to why the trip cannot be taken during a school vacation or the summer break.

    3. The number of absences accumulated prior to the scheduled trip.

    4. The purpose, itinerary, and supportive educational aspects must be clearly explained for justifying such an experience beyond the classroom.

    5. Approval will be contingent upon the student's academic progress, attendance record, discipline record, and on the student's responsibility for keeping up with assignments during the trip.

    The building principal shall review each request for compliance with the stated conditions.

    If approval is granted before the trip is taken, the student's absence will be excused. If prior approval is not received, the absence will be classified as an unlawful and/or unexcused absence. Should the student's absence extend beyond the approved time, such days will be classified as unlawful and/or unexcused. If approval is denied, the absence will be classified as an unlawful and/or unexcused absence unless a doctor's excuse is provided. All students are responsible for making up school work and tests missed during an approved trip. At the secondary level, this shall be at the initiation of the student and reasonable convenience of the teacher (s). Work that is not made up shall count as a failure. All work assigned prior to the trip must be returned the first day back or this will count as a failure.

    Unapproved trips shall be treated as unexcused absences. As such, no work missedmay be made up.