• Supplies for Math Class for the 2020-2021 school year:

    Please have these supplies in class by Monday, August 31, 2020.  See Mrs. Kalbach if you have any questions or concerns.  She will work individually with any students needing help to get their supplies.
    - 1.5 inch 3 ring binder (I do NOT recommend the "Trapper Keeper" type notebooks)  to be used only for Math Class
    - At least 2 sharpened pencils or 2 mechanical pencils with extra "lead"
    - Erasers
    - Zippered pencil holder that has 3 holes to put in 3-ring notebook (will hold pencils and calculator that is issued by the school)  (teacher has extra pencil pouches that can be borrowed by the students or they can purchase their own pencil pouch)
    - 5 Notebook dividers (teacher has extras to share with the students)
    - Notebook Paper (with holes for your notebook)
    - Personal White Board Marker
    - Box of Tissues to donate to the classroom (optional) 
    -  You may use an online calculator or a handheld calculator.  For the handheld calculator, I recommend either TI 34 or TI 30xIIs.  You have the option to borrow/use a BAMS calculator and agree to pay $13 if you lose it or you break it  OR you can buy your own  TI 34 or TI 30xIIs calculator and bring it to school each day for math class.