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      Ms. J. Crisan
      7th Grade Red Team Life Science
     Room 210
     Phone: 814-355- 5466  ext 5210
        Looking forward to a great school year.
    Class supplies required:
    3 ring notebook- 1.5 inch thickness or larger (to carry Science items listed below)
    pen and/or pencil
    hi-lighter & Colored pencils are helpful
    Student Planner to keep track of HW and due dates.
    We are always willing to accept:   Thank you in advance.  :) 
    kleenex boxes, hand sanitizer, and bird seed.
    Students must bring to class EVERY DAY
    Their Science binder with:
    1. Chapter packet (only the current packet) 
                   -FYI-All past packets may be kept at home or in locker to use when studying for the final exam 
    2.  Dictionary
               -required activity for students to keep track of the years vocabulary 
                   -can be used when taking final exam
    3.  Any Lab we are working on (should be in their chapter packet)
    4. Domain Notebook - which may also be used during final exam
    5. Pen/pencil 
    **If they forget items at home/ in locker- they will complete the work on lined paper 
    Final Exam-  Cumulative- covering all topics from year.  
             Worth- 170 points and will be included in the 4th marking period grade 
    I grade on points- total points earned/ total points possible.  At the end of the year (AFTER ALL grades are entered and final grades are determined by points earned),   my gradebook will then get converted to percents.  
    To be exempt from the final exam- After all the work for the year is graded I need to be able to give the student a 0/170 on the final exam and the student would still have an A for the year = the student is exempt & does not have to take the final.   I estimate that the student should carry about  a 97% average for the year to be close to eligable but remember- I calculate grades & exemptions based on POINTS EARNED.  Once a student is exempted- I will give the student  their "Year Average" as their exam grade  so their grade for Science will not change.
    Helpful Hint: Doing the extra credit options I offer (each marking period and not scrambling at the end of the year to get the points you need) will help boost your points :) 
    Skills class:
    Your child will have skills class with me for ONE period a cycle for all 4 marking periods- no grade will be assigned for skills but any class work completed during skills time will be graded and added to their Science grade. Skills class will include topics such as: Silent reading, Reading science documents, Classwork not completed during the class period, and research projects on topics we are covering this year.  We will also spend time on science skills such as using the textbook, studying for tests, taking notes, analyzing data,  reading in the content area, citing evidence from reading, reading strategies, etc. Skills will be based on  Biology and Ecology concepts.  We will be using our current and past textbooks as our Science Content Reading Source and articles from Science World as supplementary reading materials,


    This year, we will be working with a class set of texts in my room along with an online version using chrome books.  
    Students will not have a textbook issued to them. Our primary text will be used online.  
    Students will have the option of using a traditional textbook in the classroom for most assignments and can
           check a book out for the night at any time.
    The online platform will be used very often in class and instruction on how to use it properly will be provided in class.
     To take a hard copy of the textbook home:
    1. Contact Ms. Crisan for permission.
    2. Obtain a book off the shelf.
    3. Walk over to Ms.Crisan's teacher desk with your book and a pen/pencil.
                 Slide out the shelf (top right, above drawers)
    4. Write the date, book number, your name, and your period.
    5. The book is due back before or during homeroom the next morning.