• Necessary supplies for Mrs. Kerr's Social Studies Class



     Please let me know if you are unable to obtain any of the supplies needed. I will do my best to assist you.

    • One 1&1/2 inch (One and one-half) binder with inside pockets
    • Subject dividers - you'll need  four
    • One spiral-bound notebook for social studies only! 
    • Pencils - Your choice, but I prefer old fashioned #2 pencils over the mechanical ones. The kids are VERY distracted by the lead issues.
    • Ballpoint pens in the following colors: one red, one blue, one green or purple (for annotating)
    • Highlighter (any color)
    • Earbuds (It will be very handy for students to have a few sets of earbuds. Then when one breaks, I have another handy!

     OPTIONAL SUPPLIES to have at school so you won't have to use classroom supplies that will be handled by all:

    • colored pencils - we use the OFTEN                                              
    • pencil sharpener for colored pencils (any of the little portable ones)
    • glue stick
    • scissors (I will have and sanitize classroom scissors, but you may want a pair of your own.)

    If you would like to contribute to class supplies, the following are things we use

    A  LOT of and frequently run out of. Any and all contributions are appreciated!


    Paper towels

    Red Pens

    Ziploc Sandwich Bags 


    Good items to have at home include:
          3x5 index cards
    colored pencils
          glue stick