• Necessary supplies for Mrs. Kerr's Social Studies Class



    One 1&1/2 inch (One and one-half) binder with inside pockets

    Subject dividers - you'll need  four

    Pencil pouch with pencils, red pens, a colored pen (blue, green, purple, etc.)

    Loose-leaf notebook paper - please no spiral-bound notebooks

    I roll of your favorite pattern or color duct tape

    Highlighter - any color

    DO NOT purchase a book cover for your social studies book. The stretchy ones break the bindings.

    We will make book covers from paper grocery bags and the duct tape you bring in.

    If you would like to contribute to class supplies, the following are things we use

    A LOT of and frequently run out of. Any and all contributions are appreciated!


    Paper towels

    3x5 lined index cards

    Red Pens


    vGood items to have at home include:
          3x5 index cards
     colored pencils
          glue stick