• Necessary supplies for Mrs. Kerr's Social Studies Class



     Please let me know if you are unable to obtain any of the supplies needed. I will do my best to assist you.

    • One 1&1/2 inch (One and one-half) binder with inside pockets
    • Subject dividers - you'll need  five
    • Pencils - Your choice, but I prefer old fashioned #2 pencils over the mechanical ones. The kids get VERY distracted by the lead issues with mechanical ones. If they must have mechanical pencils, ones with #9 lead work the best. They don't break constantly.
    • Ballpoint pens in the following colors: one red, one blue, one green or purple (for annotating)
    • Highlighter (any color)
    • Earbuds (It will be very handy for students to have a few sets of earbuds. Then when one breaks, there is another handy! The Dollar Tree has them pretty cheap!

     OPTIONAL SUPPLIES to have at school so you won't have to use classroom supplies that will be handled by all:

    • colored pencils - we use the OFTEN                                              
    • pencil sharpener for colored pencils (any of the little portable ones)
    • glue stick

    If you would like to contribute to class supplies, the following are things we use

    A  LOT of and frequently run out of. Any and all contributions are appreciated!


    Paper towels

    Green and Purple ballpoint pens

    Ziploc Sandwich Bags 


    Good items to have at home include:
          3x5 index cards
    colored pencils
          glue stick