• Professional Learning

    Bellefonte Area School District takes the professional development of its employees very seriously. We believe professional learning is the essence of what we do -- we teach, we learn, we grow. The district's vision for professional learning includes the development of professional learning communities where all educators learn together and support each other in efforts to employ effective best practices that will result in high levels of learning for all students.

    Professional learning

    Exit ticket

    • Please complete this form following each training activity, workshop and/or conference: Exit ticket

    To report trade time activities, see more information below

    Trade time exit ticket

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  • Additional trade time information

    Members of district support staff can earn trade time hours. Please complete and submit the External Trade Time Approval Form from the Trade time information (support staff) web page to request approval for a webinar, training activity outside of school, or other option. After you complete an approved trade time activity, be sure to submit the Trade Time Report Form (Exit Ticket) from the Trade time information (support staff web page to report your hours.