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    Importance of Physical Education:

    Important Facts about Fitness

      Welcome to the Bellefonte Area High School Physical Education Web page!


         The High School Health and P.E. Staff provide a P.E. curriculum that is enriching to all student regardless of ability or fitness level.  The goal of the P.E. curriculum is to set a basis for making healthy choices and establishing an active lifestyle.

         P.E. is part of the school's comprehensive curriculum.  Physical Education not only concentrates on the physical development of students but also focuses on student's intellectual, social and emotional needs.  The curriculum focuses on the following educational domains for each content area:

    • Psychomotor Domain: the continued development of locomotor skills, fitness-enhancing activities and skill development.

    • Cognitive Domain: the continued development of a knowledge base of fitness concepts, principles, and applications as well as sports rules, regulations and procedures.

    • Affective Domain:  the continued development and practice of sportsmanship, tolerance and the understanding and acceptance of diversity. 

         The high school's curriculum is based on the content standards for Physical Education developed by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and is in alignment with the proposed Pennsylvania State Standards for Health and Physical Education.  Content standards specify "what students should know and be able to do".

         Students will appreciate that being physically active can improve one's quality of life.  By participating in the designed curriculum students should be able to make informed decisions regarding their personal fitness, diet and overall health.




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