Board of School Directors

    Board 12-19

    Members are (photographed with Dr. Saylor): Jeff Steiner (Vice President), Donna Smith, Jon Guizar (President), Kim Weaver, Rodney Musser, Kristen Bruckner, Mark Badger, Julie Fitzgerald and Max Kroell.
    Click here if you wish to send an email to the entire School Board and the Superintendent. Email: Boarddl@basd.net

    Jon Guizar
    Board President
    Term expires 2021
    Email: jguizar@basd.net
    Kristen Bruckner
    Term expires 2021
    Email: kbruckner@basd.net
    Kimberly Weaver
    Term expires 2019
    Email: kweaver@basd.net
    Robert Lumley-Sapanski
    Board Vice-President
    Term expires 2019
    Email: rsapanski@basd.net

    Chris Morelli
    Term Expires 2019
    Email: cmorelli@basd.net


    Rodney Musser
    Term expires 2021 
    Email: rmusser@basd.net

    Robert Pacella
    Term expires 2019

    Donna Smith
    Term expires 2019

    Email: dsmith1@basd.net

    Jeff Steiner
    Term expires 2021

    Email: jsteiner@basd.net
    Kaitlyn Alterio, Student Representative
    Halle Mitchell, Student Representative
    Email: School News Report