Bellefonte Area School District
    Board of School Directors
    2022 BoardMembers: Nate Campbell, Julie Fitzgerald, Jeff Steiner (Vice President) Jon Guizar (President), Jack Bechdel,  Seated: Kim Weaver, Marie Perini, Tammie Burnaford(superintendent), Donna Smith, Andrea Royer.

    If you wish to send an email to the entire school board and superintendent, please email here: boarddl@basd.net

    Jon Guizar
    Board President
    Term expires: 2025
    Email: jguizar@basd.net
    Jeff Steiner
    Vice President
    Term expires: 2025

    Email: jsteiner@basd.net
    Andrea Royer
    Term expires: 2025
    Email: aroyer@basd.net
    Jack Bechdel
    Term expires: 2025 
    Email: jbechdel@basd.net
    Marie Perini
    Term expires: 2023
    Email: mperini@basd.net 

    Nate Campbell
    Term expires: 2023
    Email: ncampbell@basd.net

    Donna Smith
    Term expires: 2023
    Email: dsmith1@basd.net

    Julie Fitzgerald
    Term expires: 2023
    Email: jfitzgerald@basd.net

    Kimberly Weaver
    Term expires: 2023
    Email: kweaver@basd.net
    Cedric Bagwell: Student representative
    Reese Walters: Student representative