Board of School Directors

    School Board picture 2018
    Members are: (Seated) Kristen Bruckner, Hope Boylston,Kimberly Hearn, Lorraine Mulfinger. (Standing) Jeff Steiner, Jon Guizar - President, Robert Lumley-Sapanski - Vice-President, Robert Pacella, Rodney Musser
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    Jon Guizar
    Board President
    Term expires 2021
    Email: jguizar@basd.net
    Hope Boylston
    Term expires 2019

    Email: hbolyston@basd.net

    Kristen Bruckner
    Term expires 2021
    Email: kbruckner@basd.net
    Kimberly Hearn
    Term expires 2019

    Robert Lumley-Sapanski
    Board Vice-President
    Term expires 2019
    Email: rsapanski@basd.net

    Lorraine Mulfinger
    Term expires 2019
    Email: lmulfinger@basd.net

    Rodney Musser

    Term expires 2021 
    Email: rmusser@basd.net
    Robert Pacella
    Term expires 2019
    Email: rpacella@basd.net

    Jeff Steiner
    Term expires 2021

    Email: jsteiner@basd.net
    Kaitlyn Alterio, Student Representative
    Halle Mitchell, Student Representative
    Email: School News Report