• Right-to-Know

    In accordance with Bellefonte Area School District Policy 801: Public Records and the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law (Act 3 of 2008):
    "The board recognizes the importance of public records as the record of the district's actions and the repository of information about this district. The public has the right to access and procure copies of public records, with certain exceptions, subject to law, board policy and administrative regulations."
    Contact information for the open records officer for Bellefonte Area School District
    Open Records Officer
    Bellefonte Area School District
    318 N. Allegheny St.
    Bellefonte, PA 16823
    Contact information for the Pennsylvania State's Office of Open Records
  • Request-for-access
    Written requests may be submitted to the district in person, by mail, to a designated facsmilie machine at (814) 353-5342, and to a designated email address at (righttoknow@basd.net).
    Each request must include the following information:
    1. Identification or description of the requested record in sufficient detail
    2. Medium in which the record is requested
    3. Name and address of the individual to receive the district's response

    Requestors can use the "standard Right-to-Know request form" developed by the district, or the form on the Office of Open Records website.