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    Karen Moore, Transportation Coordinator
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    Ken Bean, Jr. Director of Fiscal Affairs
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    Per Bellefonte Area School District Board Policy #810:
    Parents/Guardians have the option of designating an AM bus stop
    that is different than the PM  bus stop. 
    However, each bus stop must remain the same for each day of the week.
      Students may not ride buses other than the one to which they have been assigned.

    Please contact our office to update your child(ren)'s information IF your:

    Address has changed
    Child's daycare provider has changed
    Family dynamics have changed resulting in transportation stop locations
    The Form below MUST be used when requesting a change in bus stop locations.
    Form may be faxed, dropped off, or e-mail to kmoore@basd.net.  The Transportation office requires 
    at least 48 hours notice before the change, 

    School bus operators for the Bellefonte Area School District have been certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

     Our drivers are trained professionals.
     Please support the drivers in their important task of transporting our children.
    How Parents Can Help. . .
     Have your child ready to board the bus or van at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.
    Students are not permitted to get on or off the bus at any bus stop other than his/her own established stop, unless a written consent is obtained from a parent/guardian and approved by the child’s school administrator. When such permission is granted, students must have a bus boarding pass in order to change from his/her regularly scheduled stop. We can only grant these requests in extreme emergencies.  All students' names MUST appear on the bus roster of the bus they are riding.  A student whose name does not appear on the bus roster cannot be transported.

     It has been our District's policy that children be permitted to ride other buses only in cases of emergencies.  Although we try to be accommodating to the many changing needs for day care and parent’s schedules, the large number of requests can cause confusion for both the teacher and the bus drivers. There are also times when this situation causes bus overcrowding which places us in a situation of last-minute removal of students before the bus can leave.

     All students who are normally walkers may not ride any school bus. Pupils needing transportation to child care after school must notify the transportation office. Requests of this nature are on a restricted basis. Requests should be submitted as soon as possible. Bus capacity and/or location of stop must be considered. Existing school bus routes will not be altered to accommodate daycare/sitter locations. All such transportation arrangements will be on a space-available basis. Students will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis with the following priority order.

                 1. Students normally using that given bus route.

                2. Students who are eligible for bus transportation from their homes.

                3. Students who are walking students from their homes.

     Space must be available for new students regularly served by the bus. Day care riders will be bumped in reverse order of priority from the above list.