• What is Clever?
    Clever is a single sign-on tool that provides a secure way for Bellefonte students to sign in to educational apps without the need for additional user names and passwords. Several apps work with Clever to automatically sync teacher rosters from PowerSchool.

    How can I access Clever?
    Students can click the Clever extension on their BASD Chromebooks to access the Clever portal.  
    Teachers can install the Clever extension for Chrome from the Chrome web store.
    Clever can also be accessed at: https://clever.com/in/basd

    How can students access Clever from home?
    The easiest way to access Clever from home is to use the student's BASD Chromebook. If the student's Chromebook is not available, students can sign into Clever at: https://clever.com/in/basd.
    Students will need to enter their BASD email address and password to sign into Google.  

    Can Apps be Bookmarked?
    For teachers and students using Explore Learning/Reflex Math it is important to always log in through Clever and not through bookmarks that bypass Clever. For ConnectEd/McGraw Hill, students should always log in through Clever. There may be apps that work the same with or without Clever after the first login, but it is a best practice to always log in through Clever for apps that share data with Clever.

    Teacher Pages
    Teachers have the option of using their Clever Teacher Page to add shortcuts to other apps. If the apps do not share data with Clever, students may need to use a separate login. Directions for setting up and sharing a teacher page can be found on the Clever support site. Teacher pages are not required but some teachers find it helpful to have all of the shortcuts that students may need in one place.