• Students place in Math 24 competition

    On May 9, a Math 24 competition was hosted at Pleasant Gap Elementary School that boasted fourth- and fifth-grade students who placed among a group of their peers. Math 24 is based on the 24 Game, which challenges students to create the number 24 by using a series of given numbers in a variety of math activities.

    According to fourth-grade teacher Stacey Miller, the competition was split into grade levels with a final to determine the grand champion. This year, the overall title winner was fifth-grade student Norah Davis.

    Each grade level had 16 students who first competed in three rounds. After the three rounds, the top four students per grade level were eligible to compete in a final to determine the champion for fourth and fifth grades. At the conclusion of the grade-level tournaments, the top students from each grade competed to determine the grand champion.

    “We are very proud of all the mathematicians that participated in (the) tournament,” Miller said. “They all did a wonderful job and should be extremely proud of themselves.”

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD. Information provided by teacher Stacey Miller

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    Fourth grade

    • First place: Jordan Hane
    • Second place: Brooke McDaniel
    • Third place: Natalie Royer
    • Fourth place: Cutter Perryman

    Fifth grade

    • First place: Norah Davis
    • Second place: Zach Pataky
    • Third place: Elijah Hutchinson
    • Fourth place: Alten Howell